Arrival Visas

Arrival Visas

Arrival Visas

Travel insurance is one of the most important things you need when you travel — yet it’s often overlooked.

You wouldn’t drive a car without car insurance or own a home without home insurance.

Why would you risk traveling the world without travel insurance?

While it may seem like an unnecessary expense, travel insurance provides a vital safety net when you’re abroad.

Illness and injury, canceled flights, damaged electronics, lost luggage, the death of a family member back home — these are all covered by insurance.

In a nutshell, travel insurance is an all-purpose emergency coverage plan. It’s the single most important thing you should get for your trip and something I strongly, strongly advise travelers to never leave home without. I’ve seen it help so many people over the years – people who would have been out thousands of dollars otherwise. Myself included.

I used it for a doctor in Argentina, when my camera broke in Italy, my eardrum popped in Thailand, and my luggage was stolen in South Africa. Each time I was reimbursed for my expenses and was made whole again!

Travel insurance was there when my friend had to be helicoptered out of the Amazon after he fell off a boat, when another friend’s father died and she had to fly home, and when another friend got her bag stolen.